2015 — Audio-visual performance, dimensions variable
Projectors, stereo sound, 30 minutes
Following the formal rules of dodecaphony, for Zwölftonform twelve sequences originate exclusively from twelve consecutive frequencies, starting with a 75Hz sine wave. This convention continues for all sequences by the same pattern, whereas the start frequency is fixed arbitrarily and only follows the law of successive addition. For the visual translation, the sinusoidal waveform is abstracted with parameterized principles and transferred along the formal concept. The increasing complexity gets visible and the prevailing simplicity at the beginning inverted by the end. The audio-visual arrangement references and illustrates especially over time the complexity and increasing compression of the original shape.

"The work Zwölftonform offers a complementary approach to the consideration of how machines might deal with their autonomy in the future. Based on and inspired by the formalism of the twelve-tone row, Lutz plays with the assumption that this abstract form of music can have a harmonic effect on technically created intelligences. Thus, the real issue is no longer that man composes sound for people with the help of machines, but that machines create an aesthetics exclusively for machines and the human being remains merely an external observer."
Quote from critical text for solo show "I_AM" at Galerie Mazzoli by Philipp Bollmann

Live performances at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo / Japan, 2016 (Photos by Christian Werner)
Live performance at Festival de la Imágen, Manizales / Colombia, 2017 (Photos by Carlos Pineda)