2020 — Album, 15/06/2020, Kasuga Records (kasuga029)
Physical release and software, Limited SD Card edition

Dyad is an experiment series which explores the complex of visually stored sound respectively sonically stored visuals. Inspired by the concept of wave-particle duality, which states that a quantum object can have two different characteristics at the same time, the series also can be seen as an aesthetic approach for analyzing the time-based mutual interactions between two seemingly separated perception forms. The sounds of this series are created with so called vector synthesis, which means that the visual representation one can see is the actual sound of a certain time frame and vice versa. To make this phenomena visible, the sounds of the Dyad series can be viewed by using the Dyad software application (based on OsciStudio by Hansi Raber).

Software and limited SD Card edition

"This is some very extreme music. (…) It all sounded akin to the works of Pan Sonic, especially when it came to using short repeated segments (i.e. loops and rhythms), Ikeda (the high versus low end) and Alva Noto (a combination of long-form sine wave sounds and rhythms)."
— Frans de Waard via Vital Weekly