Abstract Language Model
2023 — Album, 15/09/2023, Kasuga Records (kasuga030)
Digital release, Limited SD Card edition

The album Abstract Language Model accompanies the visual representation for the same titled performance and installation, for which an artificial neural network was trained with the entire charactersets represented in the Unicode Standard. The resulting complex data models contain the translation of all available human sign systems as equally representable, machine-created states. Through extraction and interpolation of these artificially created semiotic systems a transitionless universal language originates, which can be seen as a trans-human / trans-machine language.

Consisting of the seven different states Extraction, Analysis, Rearrange, Process, Transformation, Learning and Language, the original audio-visual sequences are based on a real-time interpolation through the trained models and depict the transformation into a machine created semiotic system.

Limited SD Card edition and cover digital release

"Abstract Language Model is a devastatingly beautiful and subtle album, and the idea behind it makes it a timeless work. (…) The album surprises the most with its spaciousness and beauty. Spatial, because electronic albums often overwhelm with a multitude of means and techniques, and here the musical motifs stretch almost to the limits of possibilities, resounding fully, mutating and freely adapting to changing sound circumstances. The beauty of Abstract Language Model lies precisely between what is known and what is unfamiliar."
— Natalia Glinka-Hebel via Soundrive

"Massive, machine-like drones burst away, but never resulting in mind-dumbing noise music. (…) It is a constant trajectory, moving and changing, with some delicate urgency. Music that goes right into the neural system, drilling holes in your brain; psychedelic music, if you will, but not something I recommend playing under the influence of narcotics. This reminded me of Roland Kayn: music that moves around in cybernetic ways, events triggering events and such. Excellent release!"
— Frans de Waard via Vital Weekly

"What remains palpable among the metallic drone of machine intelligence is the rise and fall of degrees of emphasis, the structural sine qua non of any system of utterances. One thing has to be louder than another, mark space or distance between what is spoken and what is said. (…) Highly recommended!"
— Colin Lang via Musique Machine

"We easily let ourselves be caught up in these ambient layers drifting in space, carrying in their wake the filaments of burst comets and nebulae crossing the universe. Andreas Lutz composes an album whose initial coldness turns out to be its opposite, a crossover of opposing sensations and implosive vertigo, an immersive dive into the darkness of the night with its swirling immensity."
— Roland Torres via Silence And Sound