Video installation
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The video installation "Wutbürger" deals with the personal anger and individual failure of a German man. The protagonist Stefan W. (an "Everyman") lives through different stages of his life in retrospective, which finally casts him to a hostile present, that becomes a prison with no way back. In a custom-built wooden box, a five-hour performance was first recorded and is now exhibited in exactly this box (rear projection) again. During a guerilla intervention tour through Germany ("Isolation episode"), the box was placed in front of typical locations carrying a collective "Wutbürger potential" (Nuclear power plants, European Central Bank, Mass surveillance facilities) but also containing elements of personal anger like hedonism, boring suburbs, neglect. The box acts as a demonstrating and protesting surrogate for everybody.

In Germany, "Wutbürger" are people who share a common feeling of disappointment about politics and who manifests anger through public demonstrations. The anger of these people mostly is directed to a collective target.
But what about the singular "Wutbürger"? The individual anger and disappointment of an individual? The individual anger and disappointment of any of us? What if one´s life is ruled by the feelings of frustration and powerlessness?
What happens when a single man suddenly directs all this anger at himself?
Scenes from the 5 hour performance

Act I: Time off / Auszeit, 0 min > 20 min
Act II: Martina / Martina, 20 min > 37 min
Act III: Mother / Mutter, 37 min > 50 min
Act IV: School / Schule, 50 min > 1 h 18 min
Act V: Teenage years / Adoleszenz, 1h 18 min > 1h 41 min
Act VI: Military service / Bundeswehr, 1 h 41 min > 2h 17 min
Act VII: Love / Liebe, 2 h 17 min > 2h 44 min
Act VIII: Everyday / Alltag, 2 h 44 min > 3 h 0 min
Act IX: Collapse / Zusammenbruch, 3 h 0 min > 3 h 25 min
Act X: Reckoning / Abrechnung, 3 h 25 min > 3h 43 min
Act XI: Retreat / Rückzug, 3 h 43 min > 4 h 2 min
Act XII: Accusation / Anklage, 4 h 2 min > 4 h 19 min
Act XIII: Salvation / Erlösung, 4 h 19 min > 4 h 54 min

Isolation episode
For the "Isolation episode", the box was exposed against 13 different objects and situations throughout Germany to analyze the dialectic of the word "Wutbürger" again. First, the box was placed as a substitution in front of typical places with collective "Wutbürger potential" (Nuclear power plants, European Central Bank, Mass surveillance facilities) but also personal anger fields (hedonism, boring suburbs, neglect) and acted as a demonstrating and protesting surrogate for everybody. At the same time parts of the 13 acts performed live in the box and the objective anger and the personal anger of Stefan W. were mixed together and put in relation.

All Isolation episodes: Nürnberg (Act V), München (Act I), Randolfsee (Act XI), Leipzig (Act X), Frankfurt (Act VII), Grafenrheinfeld (Act VI), Halle (Act IX), Berlin (Act XIII), Hoher Bogen (Act IV), Bayerischer Wald (Act III), Oranienburg (Act XII), Sektor F (Act II).
Watch all videos here: https://vimeo.com/wutbuerger
Diary and transcript
In preparation for and during the live performance, a fictional diary (Moleskine, 192 pages) was authored and pictured by the actor. The entire performance was transcripted and published as a small book (A5 format, 232 pages).

Confrontation episode
For the "Confrontation episode", the recorded performance is presented as a video installation in the box again. This episode started in November 2014 and is realized continuously in collaboration with Biennials and other exhibition venues.

Artist's bio
Andreas Genschmar (*1974) is a German actor and musician from East-Berlin. Today he lives and works in Berlin.
Christoph Grünberger (*1975) is a German illustrator and designer from Munich, where he still lives and works.
Andreas Lutz (*1981) is a German engineer and media artist from Freiburg i. Br. He lives and works in Berlin.
Synopsis video installation as PDF: Wutbuerger-Videoinstallation-Synopsis.pdf
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